We advise a select and strictly limited group of clients in the financial and technology sectors.

We believe that decision-makers today have an acute need for partners that are engaged and relentlessly focused on execution.

We believe that bespoke advice, based on real relationships, is superior to commoditized research.

We believe that a small, exclusive network is superior to a large, open-access one, and that the right introduction can lead to extraordinary results.

Hence, we provide our clients with individualized advisory services including strategic planning and execution, purposeful introductions and business development, active participation at meetings and conferences, as well as access to our network of regional experts, business leaders and decision-makers.

All ITG research and advisory work is strictly proprietary and confidential. ITG does not comment to the media. Taking the contrarian position to proponents of content inundation, influencers, and constant exposure, ITG prides itself on upholding an ethos of discretion and quiet professionalism.   


Washington, D.C.
São Paulo


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